Logistics AI that connects the dots.

How We Do It

1. Understanding Your Needs

Strada is built to save carriers and shippers time—a vision reflected in our Customer Interface. Carriers need only tell us the needs and specs of their fleet to receive routes and rate forecasts tailored to their business. Our system works in real-time and requires no coding or redundant reentry.

2. Analyzing the Environment

As soon as you upload this information, we get to work designing a solution. We build a detailed picture of your environment that takes into account rates, demands, and conditions along the lanes your drivers might travel. We find a number of shippers who fit your needs and look at their dwell times, facilities, and credentials.

3. Bundling Optimal Routes

This information is passed to our state-of-the-art AI system, which designs a load bundle that minimizes deadhead, dwell-time, and costs while making sure you always deal with trustworthy shippers at high rates. We use real-time market and route data to predict the bid, time, and costs of this route.

4. Returning Your Directions

After having found, vetted, and priced a route, we make it easy for carriers to accept the job and get paid on time. For easy navigation, we convert the route to Google Map directions, which can be visualized or downloaded directly from our website. With Strada routing, you can find, bid on, and start running a route in less than a minute.